The Open Digital Earth Foundation aims to bring the power and benefits of globe technologies, and its rich spatial information, to every person in every nation for the wellbeing of humankind.

Dr Peter Woodgate, Chair, Open Digital Earth Foundation Board

The Open Digital Earth Foundation is a non-profit organisation that supports new applications of Digital Earth globe technologies through collaboration and partnership. It is through these collaborations and partnerships that globe technologies will contribute to decision-making on the sustainable use and equitable distribution of resources across regions and generations.

The Foundation recognises the considerable untapped potential in the use of globe technologies for analysing and communicating knowledge on economic and development patterns, risk and hazards, human health, city and regional planning, and resource management. By openly sharing and building upon the “know-how” from its globe for shared societal benefits, the Foundation will fulfill its purpose.

The Foundation Globe is built on a gift from the Queensland Government’s 2014 G20 Globe. The G20 Globe visualised and made accessible Queenland’s economic and trade data across agriculture, resources, tourism, construction, and science and education sectors.

To interact with the Open Digital Earth Foundation Globe, follow these four steps:

  1. Download Google Earth to your desktop
  2. Click the Foundation Globe image below
  3. Download, save and open the KML file
  4. To interact with the data on the Foundation Globe, ensure food security, infrastructure and health boxes are ticked under the globe.information heading within the layers section (left bottom corner).

Foundation Globe_Friday_2