The Queensland Globe for G20 is a visually spectacular journey through the global economic ecosystem.

The Queensland Government has developed the Queensland Globe, an innovative interactive platform that merges open data with digital technology. The G20 Globe was further developed to comprehensively explain the State’s economic strengths and global financial linkages, for the 2014 G20 Summit based in Brisbane.

It includes more than 400 datasets that link information on; major projects, skills and capabilities, trade and business activity, and tourism and investment potential with their spatial position.

The Queensland Government has gifted the G20 Globe to the Open Digital Earth Foundation, including the intellectual property developed, as an exemplar on which further applications can be developed through international partnerships. This includes considerable know-how in the development of globe applications and a reusable framework for loading and displaying data.

The G20 Globe aims to highlight and strengthen social and business ties between cities, states and nations. Using geography as a framework, Queensland’s competitive advantages can be explored in detail across six economic sectors including agriculture, construction, resources, tourism, science and innovation, and education and training.

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Users can follow economic stories beginning with domestic supply chains that link into expansive market demands around the world. Sectoral narratives, spatial databases and statistics can also be accessed through the globe.

A key feature of the G20 Globe is its mobile application allowing quick and easy access across globe information through Apple Store and Google Play apps.

Feedback on the globe

Feedback on the G20 Globe has been highly favourable with particular attention given to the power of spatial visualisation to present complex data effectively. Many country delegates at the G20 supported expanding the Globe initiative to deliver similar data for their nations.

Such development would drive new business opportunities and efficiencies, including from access to customised open data, as well as new inter-governmental and research partnerships.

A new Queensland Globe

The Queensland Government has released in 2017 a second version of the Queensland Globe with even greater capacities including tools to add and share data, and 3D viewing. For more information visit:

Qld Globe brochure