The Open Digital Earth Foundation intends to deliver a legacy that directly contributes to implementation of the 2009 Beijing Declaration on Digital Earth, particularly with regard to the shift from theory to application and the growth in availability of open data, through the use of globes.


The Open Digital Earth Foundation’s (The Foundation) success will be measured by its contribution to five key priorities. These priorities are:

1. G20 themes collaboration
  • Build upon the Foundation Globe through the collaborative development of open data and Digital Earth around the G20 themes of agriculture, construction, resources, tourism, science and innovation, and education and training.
2. Applications from globes
  • Support development and uptake of globe applications through partnerships especially in developing countries.
3. Education
  • Facilitate and provide education, training and research for societal benefit through the use of globes.
4. Capacity building
  • Encourage sustainable support to build the Digital Earth capacity through the use of globes in developing and Least Developed Countries
  • Support wider access to robust open data in developing and Least Developed Countries.
5. Fundraising
  • Develop funding opportunities for the creation and application of Digital Earth globes.