The Open Digital Earth Foundation supports collaboration to enable further application of Digital Earth initiatives, including clear articulation of benefits arising from such applications.

This will help foster sustainable development and trade, promote education, knowledge sharing and capacity building.

The Foundation Globe builds on the Queensland G20 Globe which provides detailed information on key economic sectors including agriculture, construction, resources, tourism, science and innovation, and education and training, enabling the user to explore international links and local projects.

To interact with the Open Digital Earth Foundation Globe, follow these four steps:

  1. Download Google Earth to your desktop
  2. Click the Foundation Globe image below
  3. Download, save and open the KML file
  4. To interact with the data on the Foundation Globe, ensure food security, infrastructure and health boxes are ticked under the globe.information heading within the layers section (left bottom corner).

Foundation Globe_image

 Let us know what you think about the Foundation Globe – leave your comments and feedback below.

Foundation Globe – comments and feedback:

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