Open data, much of which is spatial, is an emerging global economic resource in its own right. It can drive innovation, growth, and equity.

Recent analysis finds that implementation of open data policies, including in areas corresponding to the G20 agenda, could increase G20 output by around US$13 trillion over five years. This would boost cumulative G20 GDP by around 1.1 percentage points, more than half of the G20’s 2 per cent growth target over that time frame. In the longer term open data will continue to deliver economic benefits through its stimulation of innovation.


The importance of open data is also captured in the G8 Open Data Charter 2013, which notes the enormous potential of the global movement facilitated by technology and social media, and fueled by information to create more accountable, efficient, responsive and effective governments and businesses, and to spur economic growth. Read more about how open data can help achieve growth targets here.