The success of the Foundation can only be achieved in collaboration with those committed to build capacity to apply Digital Earth technologies for broad societal benefits. 

And it is through collaboration with the Open Digital Earth Foundation that will enable access to a range of end user applications. This collaboration will provide:

  • Access to the first globe target spatial representation of global economic and trade data in online and mobile forms
  • Access capability and expertise that can help your organisation build tailored globe applications
  • Access to key experts committed to the development and dissemination of Digital Earth applications
  • Influence the priorities and directions of the Foundation, including new globe applications for a range of social, economic and environmental objectives
  • Benefit from early access to emerging knowledge, capabilities and technologies
  • Access a range of dynamic partnerships in globe development.

Supporter map_August2015Governments, businesses, research and education entities, multilateral development organisations and key community sectors are invited to join the Foundation to support the application of the Digital Earth globe technologies for your purposes; be it in education, research, public good social, economic or risk management.

There are several options for involvement in the Foundation. These are through membership, partnership and sponsorship. Please contact us for further details on how to get involved.